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Below again, are segments of letters I wrote a friend who is a support to me through this hour.
I post it because it contains truth which I feel can benefit all...especially those enduring the same test, as I know some are. It is regarding both my experience while being expelled, but also some of what I was shown in one of the visions.

"Jesus and Jehovah are so wise and powerful. I can't wait until they rule the earth. We live in such a dark merciless world. 
Thank you for your confidence in Jesus' love for me. I hope he is pleased, and that I will endure all the way to the end. We are never done, until we find ourselves in heaven. And yet, in spirit I was shown part of where the faithful are going. I know that is quite a statement to make, but I believe in the source of what I was shown.
I am not yet done being tested in this process of being expelled. I had hoped that this last meeting they would make the announcement. I am weary of the accusations and insulting venom. I also tire of the exasperation and disappointment, when every scriptural pearl of golden truth is trampled down. I marvel at how accurate the Bible's descriptions are, of the beast and it's members. I would not have believed it possible for men who are called "elders" to be so spiritually senseless and hypocritical.

Jesus said that when we are giving this "final" testimony, it will serve as a witness to us!
I understand now why. It will convince us and seal our faith in what he said, and who they really are. It also serves as evidence to us, that we are proving ourselves loyal.
We here, have a dinner party planned. This is what I am doing for my Bible Studies and that even without the meetings, we can encourage and love one another until the end. This will be the first time that all Bible Studies will be together  :)
I hope you are doing alright. Spring is just beginning here. The weather is unusually fair.
I hope Satan is leaving you alone enough. We all need to stay close to our Father.
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"No matter what we ask, He hears us."

Yeah, this dragging it out makes even the "peaceful" hours stressful, and it adds up. But I am not complaining about the honor of the tiniest taste of what Jesus went through. Many anointed proving faithful have suffered so much more. 
Jesus...a man of the highest goodness and grace, suffered unspeakable abominations. His integrity came from the deepest root of the human soul, galvanizing his glory, which Jehovah later bestowed upon him. The great spiritual light exuding from his person, even while he hung upon the torture stake, was totally imperceptible by the spiritually blind...But not to his heavenly Father. Jesus is now Mighty in love and power. We will be carried high above anything we can imagine, when he lifts us up to join him. He will make us the new creation of our destiny, so that we are made capable of drawing close to the highest throne...the source of all life and love.

In my human state, it was not possible for me to be shown the fullness of these realities. I imagine that if I had been taken to them, I would have expired like piece of straw in a furnace. a distance...I was partially shown what lies ahead. You may have noticed that at the blog, I introduced the visions I was shown the night I was anointed. I have an article for each one (which are not yet finished). In them will be described all I was shown, to the best of my ability to relate. Yes, I was taken in vision into heaven, for the prelude to the adoption/consummation of the wedding. There is where all anointed gathered outside Jehovah's Temple/Covenant, before being taken inside to become IT. We formed a huge expansive bow-shape arch...all facing the Lamb. 

Right now...I immediately begin to tear up, as soon as I remember the beauty of the song we sang there...the ecstatic ring of harmony...pouring from our hearts out of love for our heavenly Kings. 
What was that "song"? It was the truth that Holy Spirit graced us with. Our witnessing to it is our sacrifice to God, which we offer Him as His priests. For this, Jesus loves us. For...we prove our hearts united with our undying, undeterred love of Truth.

 There the midst of the expansive heavenly chorus...soloists. Of all the singers (I'm sure there were as many as 144,000) there were only a small number who sang alone in their own time and place within the song. A great angel moved along the front of the bow shaped chorus. He would pause when he chose a soloist, and he would be alongside them while they sang. Each time there was such a solo, the entire chorus would "answer"...following with their own refrain, which was based upon the same notes and words of the soloist. When I heard each soloist, I marveled at the pinnacle beauty of their voices, and the beauty of the harmonious refrain, which followed by all.

My secret is this...
I was near the very end of the "bow" (among the last to enter). Finally, the angel approached near to us, and to my great fear, chose me to sing alone as the other soloists. 
There was a long silent pause in the song, because I panicked, and told the angel that I was unprepared...that I didn't know the "part"...and that my voice was unfit.

He kept encouraging me, which seemed unreasonable...
because he simply told me... "Just sing!"...and that the "part" was already inside of me. 
I lacked faith ...and did not see how I could possibly sing a song which I did not know.
I grieved at the thought of ruining this sublime composition. My lack of Faith kept me silent...everyone waiting. 
Then, the angel reached out his hand to my heart and raised it to my throat. 
My mouth opened, and my ears were shocked to hear the most beautiful song rise up from me, and to ring out clear to the stars.
Oh was beautiful! And what gave me the greatest gratitude, was that I really was singing out all the love in my heart...the voice I heard was really me! While singing, I realized that none of the other soloists knew
their parts...for we were all given them by the great conductor/angel!

What I feel is of the greatest significance, is that I was the last soloist. Not only did I see that for myself...but the great angel himself looked into my eyes and told me, "You are the last one to sing". 
What seemed frightening, was that the refrain that followed my solo, was abruptly cut short, and a great commotion erupted.

I believe that the "soloists" are prophets. These ones are chosen to be vessels of Jesus' truth which he wants declared in the earth. All those other anointed who "hear" it and are proving faithful, will accept that truth, and be directed by it, and declare it themselves.

I am the last one to sing, Xxxx. The end draws to the door.
This is only a small piece of one vision. I was shown many things, in only one night.

I will write about all the things I was shown, as soon as I can. Please pray for me to get it done, despite the battle that is always hindering me.
Thank you for being my friend,
Pearl "

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